Mini Digger Hire Colchester

At GMP Plant Hire, we provide a range of high quality and reliable mini digger hire and equipment at an extremely competitive rate. We strive to provide our customers the supplies and plant hire for general public use as well as for trade accounts.

If you’re looking to hire our mini digger in Colchester, a knowledgeable team of experts is put in place to ensure you get supplied with the correct equipment. This machinery is specialized in meeting the various needs of the Civil Engineering, demolition services and that of the construction industry. They are also very handy in meeting general DIY and building contractors’ requirements.

Our mini diggers are equipped with an arm flow summation system, a boom holding system and a swing parking brake for smooth and fine movements. Ergonomically placed control devices boost comfort and productivity.

GMP Plant Hire is able to equip you with lightweight diggers for DIY, home-based projects to heavy duty machinery used for traders on building sites.

Mini diggers can make light work of digging holes and trenches, saving you the backache. They can remove deep rooted tree stumps. This machinery can also be used for demolishing small structures like sheds. This is multi tasking piece of equipment that can aid you in many ways.

Our Mini digger hire depot is strategically set up in Colchester to enable easy access to Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge and London. This will ensure that the promised same day or next day delivery is possible.

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Being involved in the Construction and Civil Engineering industry from the start, we understand the need for efficiency in service delivery,
this is why we offer to our clients top quality, cost-effective equipment